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This book provides questions about Database Hard Level on Leetcod and Hive SQL answers. (There are 28 questions in total)
Hard level tests the ability of flexible ideas and require familiarity with the following :
  • Various Hive SQL functions, including Mathematical functions, data functions, string functions...
  • Multi-table join, including subquery, JOIN, UNION
  • Windows function
I strongly recommend that each question must be considered in-depth, and running Query to view the output results. Do not look at the answers directly, otherwise, it will reduce the learning effect.
In addition, the idea of solving the problem is not unique, so the answer is for reference only.
這本書提供Leetcod上 Database Hard Level的題目及Hive SQL解答,一共28題
Hard Level很考驗綜合運用的能力,你要具備靈活的思路以及熟悉以下查詢用法:
  • 各種函數的運用
  • 多表連結,包含子查詢、JOIN、UNION
  • Windows function
即是能高度掌握<入門數據分析 掌握Hive SQL取數能力>課程所有內容

About leetcode SQL question

  • Leetcode is one of the most well-known online judge platforms that you can use to practice your programming skills by solving coding questions
  • Enter the Problem page and filter the topic of Database, here are all SQL questions.
  • Problems are three difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, and Hard) , most of the questions need to be paid to unlock.

Hard Problems

This is a list of LeetCode's Hard Level Database problems and solutions with Hive SQL.
My online course in Hahow platform provides the big data environment and HUE (Hue is a Web interface for analyzing data with Apache Hadoop), you can create a database (such as leetcode) to store the data for each exercises.
create database if not exists leetcode ;
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